Blood Lactate Testing

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The Benefits of Blood Lactate Testing

Testing Procedure Info

Athletes want to get faster and last longer.

Others want to lose fat and get fit. We all know exercise is part of the equation; but how do we most accurately determine the right exercise time and intensity for each of us?

Lactate values help determine the correct training intensity to increase power and endurance, and lactate values do this more accurately than heart rate alone. It's the corresponding lactate values that indicate what heart rate and speed or power you should exercise at. Heart rate formulas that use your age to calculate heart rate zones are not accurate.

Lactate testing is used to determine not only the lactate threshold, but also the correct intensity for base, recovery, and intense interval training.

At either end of the extremes of exercise intensity, the result is the same: lot's of exercise but poor or inconsistent results. Lactate testing allows you to get the most out of your exercise time.

Lactate testing is used all over the world by researchers and athletic coaches. It is currently the gold standard for determining exercise intensity zones and a significant tool for determining whether or not training is producing the desired physiological effect.

Lactate testing is an extremely effective tool to provide you with specific data to show your training is on the right track.

In the chart above can see how after training using the appropriate zones the athlete was able to work at a much higher level for significantly longer.

“How is the test performed?”

Athletes will perform a series of stages lasting 4-minutes in length. The speed of the treadmill will increase at each stage making the test progressively more difficult. At the end of each stage the coach will make a painless prick of the finger to draw a small sample of blood to measure the lactate level at that intensity.  Measurements of Heart Rate and RPE (Rate of Perceive Exertion) will also be taken at each stage.

"What will I receive from my test?"

Graph of lactate measurements and heart rate during test
Lactate threshold measurement
Recommended heart rate training zones based on blood lactate test Feedback on how to improve your training

Interpretation on how effective your previous training has been up to the test
Confidence in your training!


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