So You Want To Be An Ironman!

The demands of IRONMAN training and racing far exceed those of any other distance.  The IRONALIEN program was created specifically to meet those demands.   You will be prepared.  You will be confident. You will be an IRONMAN! 


PEAK PERFORMANCE: This track is for someone with the time and desire to really challenge themselves and set a PR or perhaps shoot for the podium.  It is recommended that you have completed at least one IRONMAN before participating in this track.  It will typically consist of 14-22 hours per week of training.


ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: This track is for the average person who has a lot going on outside of triathlon, and wants to maximize their training time in preparation for an IRONMAN.  It is perfect for first timer or veterans with many races under their belt that might not have the time to make training a full time job.  This track will typically consist of 12-18 hours per week of training.



  • Total preparation to ensure expected outcome

  • Premium TrainingPeaks account

  • FREE unlimited weekly computrainer classes

  • Consultation with our Team Registered Dietitian

  • 2 Blood Lactate Tests (1 Bike and 1 Run)

  • IRONMAN Nutrition Meal Plan Template

  • RestWise membership

  • Coach-led trips to Clermont

  • IRONMAN specific clinics

  • IRONALIEN specific group sessions

  • Bi-Monthly meetings with your fellow IRONALIENS

  • IRONALIEN Cycling Jersey

  • Addition Blood Lactate Tests available for purchase at discounted rate ($89/each)

  • More!

  • Over $1,100 in perks!



  • Premium TP Account: Significantly enhanced features to provide you with greatly increased info about your training.  It pretty much does everything for you except the workouts!  Logging will be required!

  • Computrainer Sessions: These sessions can be used to do many different things including Time Trial Testing, Peak Power Output Test, Functional Threshold Power Test, Spin Scan, Real Course Ride, and more! 

  • IRONMAN Nutrition Meal Plan Template: This will show you how you should eat to fuel all of your workouts and maximize recovery.  It will be based on your caloric needs. 

  • RestWise Membership: RestWise is an online membership program that allows us to track and monitor your recovery to ensure your training volume and intensity is right where it needs to be.  Many professional sports athletes are using this program already.  Logging will be required!

  • Coached Clermont Trips: Coached rides/runs/ and swims in Clermont to help maximize your training.  These will be full Saturday and Sunday trips taking place over various weekends throughout the year.

  • IRONMAN Specific Clinics: topics include:

    • Long Course Fueling and Hydration

    • Free Speed: Bike Aerodynamics

    • Recovery Principles for IRONMAN Racing

    • Get Your Ass in Gear!: Crank and Cassette Recommendations for Climbing

    • Creating a Mental Battle Plan for IRONMAN

  • Bi-Monthly Meetings: This will be a chance to meet with your fellow IRONALIENS and coach to discuss your training, share highlights of the last couple weeks, bitch about whatever you want, and learn how to suffer together!  Seriously though this will be great for us to get feedback from you guys to make sure your training is as high quality as possible!

  • IRONALIEN Cycle Jersey


Congrats to our IRONALIEN Brasil group!  8 athletes racing, 8 finishers, 6 PRs, and 3 Top 5 finishes!! Way to go Team!


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Join the IRONALIEN Team!

Fee: $199/mo




  • IRONMAN Los Cabos

  • IRONMAN Texas

  • IRONMAN Brasil

  • IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene


  • IRONMAN Lake Placid

  • IRONMAN Canada

  • IRONMAN Boulder

  • IRONMAN Louisville

  • IRONMAN Switzerland

  • IRONMAN Wisconsin

  • IRONMAN Lake Tahoe

  • IRONMAN Chattanooga

  • IRONMAN Florida

  • IRONMAN Arizona

  • IRONMAN Cozumel

  • IRONMAN Brazil

  • Or any other IRONMAN or Iron distance race!