Using BEST BIKE SPLIT to create a race strategy for your next race, your coach will create a custom bike power training program to help you achieve your goal.  Want to finish your next half-ironman bike leg in 2:45?  Your coach will tell you not only what you will need to average, but create a plan of how to race throughout based on terrain, weather, and other course factors.  This info will be used to put together and update your custom power program.  On race day you will know exactly how to race each portion of the bike course and how hard to work!

WHY TRAIN WITH POWER? The main advantage of training with power is it takes out all the guess work involved in estimating how well you are riding. With a power meter, there is a quantitative number that tells you exactly how much power you are putting out – or, in other words, how well (or badly) you are riding.

DO YOU NEED A POWER METER? Although it would be ideal to have your own power meter, you do not need one to improve your bike.  Your coach has the equipment you need to still benefit without owning your own.  This also gives you a chance to try it and see the benefits before you purchase one.  On days you are training on your own your coach will include custom heart rate and RPE prescription in your workouts to make them more effective until you get your own power meter. 

WHO IS THIS FOR? Any athlete who desires to get faster on the bike.  Whether you are brand new or a veteran, anyone can benefit from the program.


  • Monthly Session (75min) with your coach.  This will typically include an FTP Test (Functional Threshold Power) or other indoor power workout, review of previous month's strength and weaknesses, and Q&A session.  FTP is essentially the maximum amount of effort you can sustain for one hour.  We typically use a 20-min testing protocol to determine your FTP.

  • Custom Best Bike Split race plan for any upcoming races.  Whether it's a Trilogy or an IRONMAN, you will know exactly how to race the bike course.

  • Custom workouts designed to improve your FTP and hit your Best Bike Split race goal.

  • Education on power training terminology and concepts to help you gain a better understanding of how everything comes together



Never question the effectiveness of your bike workouts again!

See your fitness improve and know when you are ready to race!

Custom Power Program just $75/month!

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