Fast Start Program

Start your training off with the one-on-one help from our expert coaches that will give you a head start over the competition.  With the Fast Start Program you will receive 4 private coaching sessions and 1 Run Blood Lactate Test.  We recommend using these sessions as follows:

  • Session #1: Bike Handling Skills

    • Your coach will make sure you learn the basics of mounting and dismounting, proper shifting and gearing, how to create a more efficient pedal stroke, and more!

  • Session #2: Pool Swim

    • We will get you in the pool to access your technique then work away at improving your swim stroke.  Your coach will provide you with drills and exercises that are designed specifically to make you more efficient and comfortable in the water. 

  • Session #3: Proper Running Form

    • Most people can run, but have you ever been taught how to run with proper form?  We will identify weaknesses in your running form and show you how to fix those weaknesses to make you more efficient, faster, and stay injury free.

  • Session #4: Open Water Swim

    • You race in the open water so it's important to understand the differences between the open water and the pool.  Your coach will explain how to adjust for current, rough water, proper sighting, and other strategies to make you comfortable and quick!

  • Session #5: Run Blood Lactate Test

    • This test will identify your individual heart rate training zones and lactate threshold.  This will ensure you maximize your training and waste no time.  We will also provide other info on specific workouts and types of training to improve for your specific race.  This is one thing you can do that is guaranteed to make you faster. 



  • Work with your coach to custom your 4 private coaching session to better meet your individual needs.  The fifth session will still be used as a Run Blood Lactate Test. 



Normal rates for this package:

-4 private sessions = $360

-1 Run LT Test = $139 


                    Total = $499

YOU SAVE $124!


·                Package is due payable in full prior to the execution of any session.


·                Packages will automatically expire 6 months from the date of purchase.


      ·         24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session.


             ·  Athletes may be responsible for membership fees to facilities if they wish to have sessions performed at facilities that require additional fees for entrance.


             ·  With Paypal you can use the “Bill Me Later” option and pay off the purchase with no interest over 6 months!


           *price does not includes 3% processing fee.