You've filled out the registration form so now what?

Next up...

  1. Create your membership with PayPal (You will not be charged anything unless you continue past your first month and you can cancel at anytime.)

  2. Join the Group Facebook Page to stay current on all group happenings.

  3. Setup your TrainingPeaks account so we can create your online program (see below).

  4. Attend a New Athlete Orientation (see below for upcoming schedule)

  5. Fill out the quick form below to schedule a Welcome Consultation with a Coach! 

Create Your Membership Account


All Alien Endurance members need to create a membership account with PayPal.  This will setup your automatic billing.  Now before you raise an eyebrow please understand a couple things... First, you have total control over your account.  You can decide at any point to cancel your membership.  This is true whether it is 24 hours from now or 1 day before your next billing date.  Your membership will automatically renew each month as long as you continue to train with us.  We do not have access to any of your credit card or banking info.  That is all securely stored via your PayPal account.  Just click on the "Subscribe" Button to the right to fill out the quick form.  YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING TODAY.  Your next billing date will be in 30 days unless you decide to cancel your membership. 

Click here.  You will not be charged for you first month!

Join the group Facebook page!

80% of our group communications will come from this page.  It is a great resource for you to ask questions of your teammates, find training partners when you can't make a group session, and stay up today on everything Alien! 

Setup your online Training Peaks Account!


Time to create your own online account through the TrainingPeaks website.  This is where we will create your online training plan.  Here you will be able to see exactly what you need to do to prep for your race! You can also log all of your workout details so you can track your progress and your coach can keep an eye on you!

We will contact you!

Our coaches will contact you to schedule your Welcome Consultation and one of the upcoming Triahtlon Group Orientations.  Welcome to the Team!